Are you looking for your next home?  We have a wide selection of single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and other rental properties.  Please take a moment to browse our available listings to find the perfect home for you.

Once you’ve found it, please review our application criteria and complete an application to rent.  We’ll review your application, and if you qualify, we’ll welcome you to your new home!

As a professional management company, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come from dignified treatment, favorable maintenance policies, and reliable maintenance of your home when you experience issues.

This sets us apart from other property management companies:

  • Our company is the largest and has the most inventory of available rentals in town
  • Our hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm and we don’t close for lunch. (We only close for Federal Holidays)
  • We are fully staffed with our knowledgeable Receptionist, Bookeeper, Agents and Agent Assistants to meet all of your needs
  • Our office is visible, accessible, right in the heart of the shopping district, with lots of parking

Let’s get started!

If you are serious about finding a rental in the Sequim-Port Angeles area, read the criteria on this page. To get started, contact us directly, or fill out our online rental application.

Before you fill out the application, please read:



  • Fully completed application with a non-refundable fee of $54 for each applicant Payable by credit/debit card only (Includes $3 Credit Card/Debit Processing Fee)
  • Each applicant will apply online and provide the following: 1) Copy of government issued photo ID; 2) Documents proving income is 3 times rent amount; 3) WA State Fair Tenant Screening Act signature page; 4) Pet Policy signature page and photo of pet (if applicable); 5) Special Accommodations form (when applicable); 6) Law of Real Estate Agency form signature page; 7) Credit card authorization for screening fee.
  • Multiple applicants are accepted or denied as a unit.
  • All residents 18 years of age or older must be screened and approved in order to reside on the premises.
  • Make first payment(s) towards deposit/first month’s rent in advance of move-in.
  • Furnish 36 months positive, consecutive, objective rental references from previous landlords/owners or provide other acceptable references.
  • Good credit standing. Reports with on-going credit problems may be rejected. Credit Reports pulled for the purpose of Tenant Screening are a “Hard-Hit” per credit bureaus.
  • Premises used for living purposes only.
  • Government issued photo ID of each applicant (see attached Suggested Alternative Documents for Immigrant Population form)
  • History of property destruction. (When history is older than 3 years and proof of payment in full is provided, higher deposit may be accepted to qualify.)
  • Debt owed to previous landlord(s)/owner(s).
  • Prior evictions
  • Exceed HUD occupancy standards.
  • Crimes against another person or property damage – When Criminal Records are included in screening report additional review required. We will engage applicant and gather more information needed to establish qualifications.
  • Falsifying information or omission of material fact.
  • Incomplete rental application.
  • History of rodent & bug infestation or damage.
  • Pets allowed at manager’s discretion. We reserve the right to meet animal before lease signing.
  • Service/Companion Animals accepted with confirmation of the disability related need.
  • Screened and qualified co-signers may be accepted in some cases. Co-signer screenings cost $34.00
  • All properties are “no smoking” inside units.
  • Proof of Renters Insurance with Properties by Landmark, Inc. listed as an “additional interest” on the policy. (Personal Liability Limit minimum $300,000 and Medical minimum $5,000)